Statistics for, Week of 2020-6-15 to 2020-6-21


Important Totals

Item Accesses Bytes Visits Charts
Overall Accesses  93  34,971  7  View Chart
Home Page Accesses  26  21,651  0  View Chart
Unique Visitors (Best Method)  46      View Chart

Executive Summary

46 unique visitors came to the site, as determined by typical behavior of browsers with a non-rotating IP address and including a projection of the true number of visitors with rotating IP addresses.

Visitors came from 55 distinct Internet addresses.

The web server delivered 4 unique documents one or more times each.

2 distinct types of documents were delivered.

There were 95 requests for documents which did not exist on the web server.

The web server was linked to by one or more pages found on 6 distinct web sites.

Visitors used 15 distinct web browsers and other web access programs to reach the web server.

Visitors used 4 distinct operating systems on their computers.